January 24, 2015

Cupid Games: Ragini & Nikhimenon

             What is so special about this cute little thing called 'Love'? There should be something, for kingdoms have fallen and wars have been fought over it.Whatever said and done,it's such a nice feeling to be in love and if you haven't experienced it atleast for once in your life time,I tell you,you have missed something big,really big!

         I don't know what made me fall for her.Was it her innocent looks and   friendly attitude that attracted me? Or was it plain luck/sheer destiny that I chanced upon her? Honestly,I don't know.But one thing is for sure,it didn't take me long  to realize that she was indeed that 'special' one in my life.
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             They say,opposites attract.But if you ask me,I'll promptly tell you that there is nothing like that.Afterall,how is it possible to get along with someone,(even if it is for a few hours,forget sharing your whole life)who has absolutely nothing in common with you?I have no idea.Anyways,in my case, the theory of opposites definitely doesn't hold good.Myself and Ragini(for the sake of this post,we will call her Ragini) had so many things in common.From Stanley Kubrik films to Khalid Hosseini novels,our tastes were so similar that we even used to wonder how we managed to get everything so matching-matching!Well,as in the case of everyother relationship,ours too has seen it's own share of trivial fights and petty ego-clashes.But nothing ever turned out to be as nasty as last Saturday's.I even went to the extend of calling her names.Anyways,I have decided to reconcile with her soon and that's what makes this year's Valentine's Day all the more significant for me.I should prove her that I'm no commitment phobic jerk as she thinks.Dear reader,don't frown reading my rants,I badly want her, for I'm madly in love with her.I will ask her out again,this Valentine's day and for that I have devised a plan-a rather zany one at that! I'm sharing it with you people here,i.e. my dear readers believing that you guys won't leak it to her.Beware,if you do,the consequences will be dire!

           Okay,the plan goes likes this.{As you might have figured out by now,Ragini is a voracious reader.She is not only a bibliophile but also a sensible book critic and a ruthless book blogger(see,I had already warned you that she is as awesomely awesome as nikhimenon)}.I will make an e-journal of our 'love story' (smartly titled like a potential 'National Best seller'- 'Oops..I love you,You Love Me...')and pass it off to her as the debut romantic novel by the techie- turned-author Romesh Gargi for review(I have already convinced my IT friend,Arun Shekhar to play the role of R.Gargi.Though I have faith in his credentials I strongly doubt whether he'll over play his role!The dude has already made a fake g-mail id and a account for Gargi,solely dedicated to accomplish 'Mission Ragini') .Brilliant naa? Yeah,I know! Well,the plan doesn't end there.Ragini for all her innocence and sensitivity will graciously accept the book for review and start reading it.Right into the second page,she will identify it as our 'love story'(for the book as intricate details of the little joys and fun we shared  and I'm sure,noone else in the world knows about them)and by the time she reaches the fourth page,she has not only already read my apology for 'last Saturday' but also my 'proposal' to share the remaining part of my mortal life with her.

Well,in those pages,this is what she will read-

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"Ragini,Will you please be my Jessica Trent?"

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sandra said...

A nice way to confess yur love

rakesh said...

strange way to propose love!

M'Bai Madrasi said...

This is indeed a different idea. Lot of hardwork! All the best :)

A Cuban In London said...

Cute post, I must admit! :-) Liked it a lot.

Greetings from London.

nikhimenon said...

@rakesh,m'bai madrasi,a cuban in london...

thanks for your wishes..keep reading.jaihind!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings.

Love and attracting the opposite sex is the main aim of all human beings. We always want to attract the opposite sex in what ever we do.This is in the mind of every normal human being in a life time.

Excellent story. I enjoyed it.

Best wishes

Locomente said...

You should never know why you love... Cz love it is :P

Blogger said...

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