February 28, 2013

Molly Aunty Rocks(Malayalam,2012)- short review

DVD cover of the movie

                         Ranjith Shankar's third movie 'Molly Aunty Rocks' with talented actress Revathy playing the title role was one movie which I had missed when it got released in September,last year.The reviews were mostly positive and hence I had high expectations when I picked up the DVD of this movie.But the movie turned out to be a pretty average one for me.MAR tries too hard to be a satire but is let down by it's mediocre script.It's the kind of movie which would have been a really enjoyable fare had it been penned by a better writer.
                                   'MAR' is the story of Mrs.Molly,a middle aged U.S. returned bank employee,played by Revathy.She has been in the U.S. for almost twenty years and has just re-joined her job,only to return back to U.S. after taking voluntary retirement from the service.However things go awry for Molly as she lands herself in an Income tax case and the more she tries to get out of it,the more she is sucked into the system and the more messier the things turn out for her.Prithviraj plays the role of Pranav Roy,the egoistic I.R.S. officer with whom Molly has a show down.There are some un inspiring characters like the priest (played by television actor Sharreth,a gross miscast),Shivaji Guruvayoor's bank manager,to name a few(However it  cannot be denied that K.P.A.C. Lalitha's mom-in law,Krishnakumar's Dentist,Mamookkoya's lawyer and Shaju's Paraman are some what interesting ones and there is also Lalu Alex repeating his 'loving husband' act for the n 'th time!).
                           The high points of the movie are definitely the live wire performance by Revathy and her tussle with the young,arrogant officer Pranav(Prithviraj in a glorified cameo).Infact the interesting moments of the movie happens once the character of Pranav Roy makes his entry,close to the end of the first half.But the biggest flaw of the movie is that there is nothing much happening in the first half of the film,the movie goes on and on aimlessly and the satirical tone which the movie attempts doesn't work at all.Taking potshots at the craze for television serials,showing a middle aged lady going for a morning walk or climbing a gate won't evoke laughter anymore,director saab!The mediocre songs and the bland dialogues(in the first half) makes matters worse.The climactic twist is also a bit un convincing.

Verdict- On the whole,Molly Aunty Rocks is a pretty average fare and can be watched once for it's noble intentions.Rating-2.75/5


david said...

the mvie was average for me

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