February 26, 2013

Weekend Recco: Eega/Naan EE(Telugu-Tamil,2012)

A poster of the film

                      (This week,we are recommending S.S. Rajamouli’s Eega,produced by P.V.P.Cinemas)
Title-Eega/Naan EE
Banner-P.V.P Cinemas
                                    It’s not easy to pull off a feature film with a fly as it’s protagonist.In Eega,S.S. Rajamouli not only attempted this bizarre concept but also came out with flying colours.Made as a tamil-telugu bi-lingual’Eega’(Naan EE in tamil) was also one of the biggest hits in South India,last year(the movie also had it’s dubbed version in Hindi(Makkhi) and Malayalam(Eecha)).It was the kind of stuff which would have easily walked away with atleast half a dozen Academy Awards had it been made in Hollywood!
                                  The story line is pretty simple-Nani is the typical happy go lucky guy who is madly in love with Bindhu(Samantha).However before Bindhu could reciprocate her feelings to him,he is brutally killed by Multi-millionaire Sudeep who also has an eye on her.Nani gets reborn as a fly and takes revenge on Sudheep.How the fly manages to kill the villain is what Eega is all about.With a wafer thin story like this which relies heavily on VFX and CGI,Eega had every possibility to become an epic disaster.But thanks to the genius of S.S. Rajamouli,Eega  is an enjoyable entertainer which is totally worth your time and money.The animation by Makuta Visual effects is of international standards and has contributed heavily to the success of this film.  

What I liked the most about this film-
1.Just about everything!- Well,for the sake of it,will mention a few high points of the movie here- Kicha Sudeep’s brilliant perfo as the baddie,Team Makuta’s topnotch animation and VFX work,the pretty heroine Samantha Ruth Prabhu(who has also acted decently)and above all, the one man who made it all possible-S.S.Rajamouli.With Eega, Rajamouli once again proves that he is the best when it comes to fantasy!
2.If it wasn’t for it’s brilliant writing,Eega could have easily relegated itself to a ‘VFX extravaganza’ alone(remember Walt Disney’s ambitious telugu film,the Siddharth-Shruthi Haasan starrer’Anaganaga O Dheerudu’, which became a dud eventually?).The underlying romantic track between Nani and Bindhu has been etched out really well which also is the soul of the film.
What I didn’t like about the film-
Absolutely nothing! 

Verdict-4.75/5.Every once in a while, comes an Indian film which really makes us proud and even changes our changes our perception of Indian Cinema.Eega is one of those movies.Don’t miss this masterpiece!