May 4, 2013

Short Film Scripts for Sale -II

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            After witnessing the 'stress' my gmail inbox has been subjected to,ever since thepublication of the previous post, I understand that some detailing regarding the content of those scripts is very much required.Well,as I had mentioned earlier,we have got three completed screenplays and one story idea which can be developed to a short film script.I am trying to give an overview of them here.
1.Title-(x)clusive,Genre-Satire,Approximate duration-15-18 minutes,Screenplay
Loosely based on an English short story,this one is the tale of a highly successful doctor who becomes the victim of media persecution,quite unexpectedly.Told in a light hearted tone,this one packs in a lot of humorous situations and culminates in a good message.
2.Title- The Plan,Genre-Horror/Thriller,Approximate duration-11-12 minutes,Screenplay
This story is about a thief who is planning a highway robbery.Though he succeeds in finding his victim,things quite don’t turn out as per his wish.His potential victim too had his own plans!This one is an edge of the seat horror thriller with an unexpected twist in the end.Can be made on a limited budget too,so ideal for 'student film makers' out there.
3.Title-The Mansion,Genre-Horror/Thriller,Aproximate duration-15-20 minutes,Screenplay
This too features a thief as it’s protagonist.He tries to break in to a big ‘Mansion’ but little did he know that the place was haunted.What happens next forms the crux of the story.Can be visualised if you have a limited budget for making your short.
4.Title-The Friend,Genre-Psychological Horror,Approximate duration-12-14 minutes,Story idea
This one is based on a real life incident which shook the nation a couple of months ago.Our protagonist is a fugitive and 'The Friend' is about an incident which occurs in his life that inturn changes it's course drastically.

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