May 2, 2013

Short Film Scripts for sale

Yes,you read it right.I am planning to sell the couple of short film scripts which I had written in the last couple of months.They(three completed screenplays and one story line which can be developed to a short film script,each of them close to 15-18 mins duration) were supposed to be filmed by my friend,Harish Krishnan(a reasonably known personality in the film-advertising circles)but couldn't,due to various reasons(read financial constraints).So,now we are planning to sell those scripts to those who are interested.(don't worry,you needn't have to sell your apartment for buying these Casablanca wannabes!,we just don't wish to send out the wrong signals by giving them free).Those of you guys out there who genuinely feel like checking them out or wish to enquire more about them,please drop me a line at



das said...

how much do they cost?

nikhimenon said...

please contact me via e-mail

verna said...

genre?approximate duration of each?