November 19, 2013

One week,three movies!

Watched three new releases this week,while the first two were in Malayalam,the third one was in Tamil.

  • Pizza2:The Villa(Tamil)- A very average flick with an open-ended climax!Not scary at all!2.5/5

  • Philips and the Monkey Pen(Malayalam)- Good one.A good screenplay,beautiful visuals,decent direction,meaningful dialogues and above all,excellent performances from the child actors makes this one worth a watch. 3.5/5


Red Handed said...

I need to watch some latest good mallu films :( I WILL THIS WEEKEND!!

nikhimenon said...

some interesting films are releasing this weekend it seems,but i don't know how many of them will release in my place as malayalam films have only limited release outside kerala..

Punyalan Agarbathees and visudhan might be good...