December 23, 2013

HMAW-Horror Movie A Week!

(A still from the Asian Horror film-3 Extremes)

       The regular visitors of this blog(if there are any) might have already figured out by now that in addition to being a dumbass and a certified lunatic,the author of this blog(a mortal soul named-'nikhimenon') is also an avid fan of Horror Movies.So for all the Horror Movie fanatics out there,it's going to be celebration time 'coz starting from the 2nd of January(2014), there will be a new weekly Column by name-'HMAW'(Horror Movie A week) which will be dedicated to Horror films.We will be writing about Horror films from around the World,reviewing and rating them on a weekly basis.We hope this will help you to discover the Hidden Horror Gems.



sandesh said...

waiting for the reviews

Red Handed said...

This is one series of post, I shall definitely read!! horror fan!!!

nikhimenon said...


yeah,this is going to be a series of posts.I hope you'll enjoy reading them