December 21, 2013

Mini Movie Review-Dhoom 3

Poster of the Movie

Okay,the year's biggest Hindi Movie has just hit the screens and as expected all the critics worth their salt have already given their varied views on this latest mass-masala from India's biggest production house.But is it really worth all this hype and hoopla?Here is my take.

The Story line is pretty simple.The Character played by Aamir Khan has to settle some scores with the Western Chicago Bank which was responsible for his father's suicide.So he robs the bank multiple times.The Bank brings in Inspector Jai Dixit and his deputy Ali(Abhishek and Uday Chopra respectively) to investigate the case which leads to a cat and mouse game between the Cop and the Robber which culminates in a lame,predictable climax.

The first half was pretty cool with well choreographed action sequences and hummable songs which set the mood of the film.Though the writing remained uniformily bad right from the beginning(with cheesy dialogues and un imaginably stupid plot points not helping the case either)it was jolly good fun as long as it lasted.Katrina didn't have much screen time but whatever she got to do,she did it with elan(read striptease dance,songs).Meanwhile Abhisek Bachan (as always!) managed to maintain the single 'angry' expression through out the movie.But towards the interval things started going downhill with a stupid,mediocre twist.Post Interval portions were extremely boring with Aamir Khan's un-inspired (and often irritating) portrayal of the autistic(or was it something else?) 'Samar' and the beaten to death theme of sibling love acting as the final nail in the coffin.The climax was also quite weak.On the contrary,the production values of the movie and the songs' picturisation were quite good.

Bottomline- Dhoom 3 has an enjoyable first half half but bad acting and bland writing plays the spoilsport in the latter half! Rating-2.5/5(0.5 for the VFX team/body doubles and the superior production values).Is it really worth seeing in a Multiplex paying 300-400 Indian Rupees?Certainly NO.But is it worth seeing in a DVD(when it comes out) or by paying 100 Rupees or so in an ordinary single screen Theatre?Well,may be..



aamirkhanrocks said...

aamir's un inspiring perfo? get a life dude....!

sandesh said...

the movie was shit

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