October 6, 2014

Flipkart and it's big billion day scam!

                                         First things first.Flipkart is one of my favourite e-commerce portals(this blog even has an affiliate program with them) and I have bought many stuff(mostly books) from that website till date.So,naturally when the wonderful guys at Flipkart announced their big billion day sale which promised goods at ridiculously low prices(flash drives at Rs 1/- and Samsung tablets at just about a thousand rupees),like many of you I was also very much excited.I didn't want to miss out on any deal so I logged into their website at 7.30 am sharp(though the deals were supposed to begin only by 8 am)and kept on refreshing their page for almost 25 minutes.By about 7.58 am ,the deals started appearing in the site and I clicked on the link to buy the 'Samsung Tablet' which was being listed with a 'steal deal' price of 1,180 INR.The time was 8 am sharp and I was super excited to buy my first ever tablet.Alas,the item was 'Out of Stock'.Anyways thinking it to be a technical glitch,I kept on refreshing the page and by 8.01 am,the 'Out of Stock' thing suddenly became 'Sold Out'.WTF! I checked out many goodies which were listed in the 'Steal Deal' category and to my dismay,I found out that the story was the same for most of the stuff under the same category.What was even worse was that,almost all other products in the other categories were easily available and that too at usual prices(I mean at usual discounts which they give in their site).Still,most of the products/books were even priced higher when compared to,they aren't celebrating a 'Big Billion Day',today!).So,the bottom line is Flipkart's 'Big Billion Day' discounts is nothing but a sham.They are trying to fool you.Don't fall for their trap!

The New Chetan Bhagat book@ 150/- INR(Flipkart/Oct 6,2014: 5.31 P.M. IST)
The same book,the same day,the same time@ 99/- INR (

Also read similar experiences of others,here!

PS: Look,who is having the last laugh!

Update:Got their apology mail yesterday,I'm impressed!

The Apology from Flipkart team!



Red Handed said...

I bought something...lost the money and got no confirmation. :(

nikhimenon said...

was it at an unbelievable discount rate?
f not,they mite process t and let yu know within a cpl f days..currently their resource limit has reached t seems!abt 3 lac orders they have received tday!

nikhimenon said...

was it at an unbelievable discount rate?
f not,they mite process t and let yu know within a cpl f days..currently their resource limit has reached t seems!abt 3 lac orders they have received tday!

Anonymous said...

I am not going to buy anything from flipkart anymore.
No doin business with people don't respect people and their feelings.

After all the guy who found flipkart is Indian right?

I am really ashamed to tell we will never reach what people from other country do. ebay rocks, amazon's good.
flipkarts goin down.

All us indians know is scam, bribe, greed and selfishness.
occasionally someone like mother Teresa has to come from other country to tell us what we are and show us a little sign of humanity.

Greedy bas***ds

nikhimenon said...


flipkart was founded by/ is owned by two Indians- Sachin and Binny Bansal

Amit Chauhan said...

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Sheya11 said...

Without any doubt Flipkart Big Billions Days every year bring lot of offers and opportunities for customers in India. This year It'll bring more discounted products then ever before.