October 8, 2014

On Prithviraj Sukumaran,Caste System and Reservation

               Recently,actor Prithviraj Sukumaran named his daughter with the caste name as her last name and all hell broke lose.I'm not going into that issue now as I personally feel it's his personal decision and doesn't warrant much public discussion.Well,I had gone through many of the user comments on his(Prithviraj's) facebook page(where the post was originally posted) criticising his choice of 'name' for his daughter and I was astonished to see that many of those 'hyper-active/progressive/socially aware' netizens were infact having caste names attached to their own names!Even worse,many of them had proudly displayed their caste in their own FB profiles and were even proud Government servants/students in various professional Colleges of the Government sector! C'mmon,in a country where one has to fill-in his/her caste name for every other damn official application form,in a country where there is 'caste based reservation system' for a Government job/Professional College 'seat', from when did the mention of his/her caste in the official name become so 'demeaning?'Try to abolish the (caste based)reservation system and other regressive  practices in the society first before pretending to be 'ultra' progressive by fighting on these trivial things,guys!!!! Afterall,it's just a name!

Ps: I'm neither ashamed nor progressive enough to hide my caste name! It sounds good,atleast!I think most of the people out there(whether belonging to a 'high' caste or a 'low caste' aren't ashamed of their 'caste' anymore!)
PsPs: Dear P.Sukumaran,what's your take on 'Caste based reservation system'?I'm curious!