September 23, 2016

Malayalam Movies with Similar Plots/Story lines released around the same time

                    Kerala has a small film industry (with limited market outside)and obviously, it can ill afford multiple films which have the same plot releasing around the same time. Yet, we have had atleast half a dozen movies which featured similar story lines. Here is a look at those films and their performance at the ticket windows.

1.Madambi,Parunthu (2008)-

Both the movies had ruthless money lenders with shades of grey as their protagonists and released around the same time.While the former turned out to be a big commercial success,the Mammootty starrer had few takers at the box-office and was also panned by the critics.


Both these movies probably not only had the same source material (Krishna Priya murder case),but also shared actors(Suresh Gopi featuring in both the films).At the box-office,both the films had similar collections with none being able to become big commercial success.


Probably, you might have heard about the on-going legal tussle between the makers of both these films.The movies are supposedly based on the life of Saji Thomas who built an air plane on his own.Now, we don't know which version will come out first, but it's going to be an interesting affair , for sure.


Now,this one is actually interesting.Both these Malayalam Movies were actually un-authorized re-makes of a celebrated foreign language film.Cocktail hit the screens first forcing the makers of the Kunchakko Boban-Indrajith starrer tamper with their script.Ultimately,both the flicks failed at the Kerala Box-office.

5.Premam(2015),Happy Wedding(2015-16)-

It's too far fetched to claim that a 'Happy Wedding' is a copy of a cult-film like 'Premam'. But,if you look at it,the basic story idea of both the movies are the same.While Premam traces three love stories in the life of George(Nivin Pauly),in Happy Wedding, we are told about the love life of an engineering graduate played by Siju Wilson.Happy Wedding turned out to be the surprise hit of the year.

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