September 24, 2016

10 Malayalam Movies That Had The Same Story Line

In the last post, we had a look at those twin Malayalam films that released around the same time. In this post, we discuss about those Malayalam flicks with similar story lines that released years apart.

1.Chanchattam(1991),Onnum Mindathe(2014)-

Sugeeth's take on extra-marital relationship and it's aftermath  had embarassingly the same story line as that of yesteryear flop, 'Chanchattam'. Incidentally, both the movies had the same hero, Jayaram!

2.Udayapuram Sulthan(1999),Mylanchi Monchulla Veedu(2014)

Jayaram's 2014 festival entertainer,'Mylanchi Monchulla..' was nothing but a rehashed version of the 1999 Dileep starrer 'Udhayapuram Sulthan'.The old formula of fake identities,inter-religious relationship,elopement et al was reworked by Udhayakrishna and Siby K Thomas yet again,but 'Mylanchi..' , except for the couple of melodious songs didn't have the same charm as that of Udhayapuram Sulthan.

3.Samoohyapadam(1996),Mallu Singh(2012)-

Now,this entry might take atleast a few of you out there.But it can't be denied that the basic idea of Mallu Singh (the 'hero- assuming the fake identity of a stranger whom he had met during a journey') was borrowed from the 1996 Dileep-Premkumar film directed by Kareem.

4.Makkal Mahatmyam(1992),Kabbadi Kabbadi(2008)

Makkal Mahatmyam was a fun film.It told the story of two youngsters who had the same biological father.The film,written by Siddique-Lal had Mukesh and Saikumar playing the warring step-brothers.Kabbadi Kabbadi released in 2008 was a poor rehash of the former film.

5.Prajapathy, Ashwaroodan (2005-2006)-

Well,both these movies had similar story lines and were directed by veteran directors.While the former starred Mega star Mammooty, the latter had Suresh Gopi playing the title role.