April 26, 2015

Celebrate Life at Ivy!

                  It's difficult to define happiness, for it means different things to different people.For some,it's all about making shit loads of money and thereafter pondering on the many ways of spending it,whereas for someothers ,leading a peaceful and contended life is all that matters!So,to which of the above mentioned categories do I belong?Well,if you ask me,I will confidently exclude myself from the first one!For me,happiness cannot be equated to money alone.(Of course,all of us need money for survival and an empty pocket is definitely a man's greatest misery,but that doesn't mean money can buy anything and everything under the Sun!)There are things that make big occassions unnecessary,those little joys of life which make us enjoy the moment which we are in!This post is all about those cute little pleasures of life.If you ask me to list out the top five things that should be there to make me feel happy,I will happily pen down the following ones!

1.Spending quality time with the family-Even if nothing else is there,I will be quite happy if I can be with my family! Believe me,your family is one of the most valuable assets in your life!

2.A truck load of books!-This is something which I would die for.Even if you lock me up in a room full of books for a decade,I will be having no compaints! Books are my lifeline and I can't even think of a day in my life in which I haven't even read a page!Now don't get me wrong,I'm not that 'type' who will read only heavy duty,philosophical works.I'm a die hard fan of books!Right from a James Hadley Chase to a Salman Rushdie,you give me any book,I will relish it with the same vigour!

3.Blogging/Writing-Writing is an integral part of my life.I love doing it.It was my love for writing which gave birth to this blog.Initially,I was the only one who was reading these posts,but now,I 'm happy that it's readership has picked up.I would also like to use this occasion to thank all the regular readers of this blog for your love and support.

4.Penning Stories-I love making stories!The wackier it is,the happier,I am!

5.Watching Good Movies-All of us love watching movies!Well,I'm no different.I can even spend weeks doing nothing else,but watching good movies!Actually,my love for movies has helped me discover many under-rated gems from the pits of youtube!So,what are you waiting for?Pen down your own list and let the world discover the secret password to your happy world!

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