April 20, 2015

On Government Hospitals In Bangalore

          Whatever limitations it may have,the public health care delivery system in India has it's own merits.I have often heard people(who don't even have the basic idea about the organizational structure or the operational aspects of the public health system of our Country)animatedly ridiculing and vigorously criticizing the country's health care delivery system.Agreed,our (publically funded) system might not be as efficient or fool-proof as the NHS (National Health Service),but it definitely has got it's own plusses.

                The truth is ,we have got a meticulously planned public health system which starts right at the primary health care level (primary health centre) which caters to the most basic health care requirements of the population and culminates at the tertiary level (institutes like the All India Institute of Medical Science)which provide the most advanced and comprehensive medical care to the needy patients free of cost(the Government Medical Colleges come somewhere in between the two).Well,any system which caters to a large number of people will obviously have it's share of flaws.But that doesn't mean that we should belittle and despise our government institutions at every other occassions possible.Now,don't start scratching your heads wondering about the reason behind my new-found love for the public health care system and the Government owned medical institutes.The other day,there was a CME programme in B.M.C.(Bangalore Medical College) and I had to be there for quite sometime(because unless the programme is over,they won't distribute the certificate-of-participation!).Since the programme was quite boring,I decided to check out the hospital to kill time.To be very frank,I was astonished to see the range of health care services which was there in place.When we talk about a Government run hospital,many of us have got that typical 'negative image' about the place in our minds.But what I saw in B.M.C was in stark contrast to my perception!The place was not only decently run,the advanced health care services which it had to offer were also numerous(that too at nominal/negligible rates!).Now, if you ask any Bangalorean,he/she will definitely tell you how expensive the medical care in this beautiful city has become.Many of us(even if we aren't that well off),prefer private clinics/hospitals to government health centres/medical colleges because of the previously mentioned 'perception problem' which we have!

                      There are a number of general hospitals in Bangalore which offer superior services.In addition to that, the government hospitals in Bangalore/affordable hospitals in Bangalore are also quite good .Many of them,like B.M.C are quite decently and competently run.It's just that many of us(belonging to the 'middle class/upper middle class' segments of the society) are either not aware of them or are too apprehensive to go to these hospitals because of our misconception of them being inferior to the privately owned ones.I think,it's high time that we changed this faulty perception of ours and started availing the services rendered by the government health care institutes too.Believe me,they might not have swanky interiors and air-conditioned consulting rooms,but the health care provided by these hospitals are not inferior in any way!They not only have some of the best doctors of the city,but also are affordable and equipped with some of the most modern equipments(MRI/CT scan,to name a few) and devices.Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead,



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