September 25, 2016

Malayalam Cinema 2016: The Worst Malayalam Films, so far

Agreed, 2017 is a good 3 months away.But we have had our own share of terrible movies already. Here is a look at those Malayalam films which ended up as a pure waste of time and money of cinephiles.

1.White (Udhay Ananthan, Eros)- 

Udhay Ananthan's Mammooty starrer was shot abroad,had a talented lead pair,good production values and a couple of melodious tracks.Still,the movie turned out to be a boring affair,thanks to it's mediocre script.The movie was produced by Eros International and was Udhay Ananthan's third outing after a decent Pranayakalam and an okay short in the Kerala Cafe anthology.

2.Hello Namasthe (Jayan Nair,Freedia Entertainment)-

A shoddy script was the villain,once again.This Miya George-Bhavana-Vinay Fort-Sanju starrer was a colourful production,but again,good writing cannot be replaced by colourful visuals all the time!

3.Vallem Thetty Pulleem Thetty (Rishi S, Achappu Movies)-

This movie had tremendous hype prior to it's release, thanks to the peppy tracks by Suraj Kurup and the brilliant visuals by Kunjunni S Kumar. But what can Kunchakko Boban do without a good script?

4.Monsoon Mangoes(Abi Varghese,Kayal Films)-

Fahad Fazil was sincere and gave a brilliant performance in this flick directed by Akkara Kazchakal fame Abi Varghese.The lethargic pace,uninspiring execution,bland writing and poor release strategy determined the box office fate of the film. Fahad bounced back with 'Maheshinte Prathikaram',a few weeks later.

5.Malgudy Days (Visakh,Vivek,Vinod, V creations)

This Anoop Menon starrer had nothing to do with the R.K Narayan classic.Distributed by Murali films, this movie was one of the early releases of the year and was supposedly based on a real life incident.The movie definitely had it's heart in the right place!

The movies which almost made into this list include Manoj P's 'Ithu Thaanda Police',Nithin Ranji Panicker's Hit 'Kasaba' and Lal's 'King Liar'.



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