February 17, 2015

Befikar, Umar Bhar:The Bucket List!

               Do you know which is the most powerful seven letter word in this world?Tough question,right?Okay,I'll give a small clue-how many of you have seen the 2006 Hollywood movie by name 'The Pursuit of Happyness',starring the father-son duo of Will Smith and Jaden Smith?Kathiyo?Well,I'll give the answer-that word is 'Passion'.It has the power to drive us forward,no matter what obstacles we may have to face.All of us are passionate about something in life. But the saddest part is that most of us fail to realize the true potential of dreams/passion and what it can do to our lives.May be,we are too lazy/damn scared to chase our dreams. We spend all our prime doing something else and start repenting when it's too late. 

             They say dreams die first.Actually,if you think about it,you'll find that it actually makes sense.All of us have had aspirations/goals when we were kids.Writer,film-maker,lawyer,journalist,we wanted to be so many things in life.But how many of us have actually worked towards it?(leave the 'success' part of it,for success is actually not there in our hands)The majority of us conveniently choose to forget our passion/dreams as we grow more 'mature' or 'practical' in life.Is it actually about maturity?Or is it something else,say, plain 'fear' which has prevented us from going after our 'childhood' ambitions?None can be blamed,for, we are living in a society which is so obsessed with six figure salaries and 'job securities'.They tell us that becoming a 'doctor'/'engineer'/'banker' is more 'safe' and 'secure'!Quite often,we end up listening to them and not to our hearts,the result-'destiny' walks away with all the blame!Dreams do die first!


As I have mentioned earlier,all of us have our own share of dreams,apirations and goals.I too have many.The below are the top 5 ones in my bucket list.Read on!

1.Enroll for the screen writing course in FTI/SRFTI- No teacher can teach you what to write.But a good training will definitely help you in knowing how to write!I have always wanted to join a screen writing course in some reputed film institute.By God's grace,I have never run out of ideas,but when coming to putting it in an organised and attractive way,I have had a lot of issues.May be,enrolling for a structured screen writing course will help me in overcoming this hitch.But again as it is often said,in our society where a 'respectable degree' and a 'six figure pay package' matters more than anything else,joining a screen writing course has always been a distant dream.So obviously,this one figures way on  top of my bucket list.

2.Quit job and become a full time writer-All of us know that writing is more of a solitary pursuit.But what we often forget is that it is something which calls for a lot of patience and a hell lot of investment,albeit in the form of 'time'.There are writers who are executives by day and authors by night.But for less talented souls like me,it won't work that way.That's why this one finds a place in my bucket list!

3.Ask 'her' out-She has always been there for me,as a friend,colleague,guide,philosopher.I don't know when I started loving her or what made me fall for her.I have always been scared to ask her out.I know that she likes me as a friend.But does she love me?Will she reciprocate my feelings towards her?Honestly,I don't know.The fear of losing her has always prevented me from proposing my love to her.May be I should garner somemore courage and ask her out.Obviously,this one features third in my bucket list.Now,if you ask me why this is not there right on top of the list,well,three,I believe is my 'lucky' number!

4.Buy a 'book store' and spend a whole day there-To read books,why 'buy' a 'book store',you may ask me.I don't know how to explain it to you guys.The joy of spending time in a place full of books is much beyond words.I absolutely love everything related to books.Right from the crisp aroma of freshly printed paper to their wonderfully designed jackets,I find everything about books extremely attractive and appealing!

5.Meet Lt Col Mohanlal and narrate my script-Well,this one is going to be the most craziest thing in my bucket list.For some reason,I haven't had the courage to even think about initiating a 'script discussion' with the legend.Though written as the last entry of my bucket list,this one is indeed the most exciting one!

So what are you waiting for?Pursue your dreams.Don't let them die!

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