February 15, 2015

#UnConditional Love: My Ideal Valentine!

"My ideal Valentine's Day is spending it with someone you are in love with and for that someone to make you feel loved and appreciated."
                                                                                                    - Candice Swanepoel

          How will I spot the ideal Valentine for me?What if my choice goes wrong?What are the basic qualities which I should expect in my life partner/lover/Valentine?Or,what else should I  look for in my partner?

               Well, none of the above querries are easy ones to answer,but I'm sure atleast a few of you might be pondering on these ,this Valentine's day.I'm no Love Guru and obviously I don't have a clear cut solution for any of the above ones.But what I'm happy about this year is that I have found one myself,this year.Okay,before jumping into conclusions and bombarding my comment box/inbox with millions of abusive/hate mails now(nikhimenon has millions of female fans across the globe,you know?!),let me reveal her identity here.My ideal Valentine is my brand new Asus Zen Phone.Okay,what is so special about her?What made me prefer her to the millions of beauties(read Smart Phones) which are out there in the market? Why did I ditch my previous Valentine(a Karbonn Smart Phone),you may ask me- as it's often said,everything happens for a reason!

If you ask me,I'll be able to give not five,but a dozen reasons for Asus Zen Phone being my ideal Valentine.But, for the sake of keeping this post crisp and short, I'm restricting myself to only five.

1.'She is a beauty!'-'Don't judge a book by it's cover'-they say this quite often! But frankly speaking,I think that line is a bit of an overstatement.Afterall,I never pick up a book which has got a very bland/un-appealing cover.Quite often,I have experienced that cover design serves as an indirect indicator of the quality of the book.Inshort,if the packaging is below par,even the best mojito in the world will find few takers.Coming to her looks,Asus Zen Phone is an absolute stunner! At this price,it can definitely give even the I-phones a run for their money.I particularly love the sleek design of this phone.

2.'Sturdy and reliable'-Asus Zen Phone is a sturdy and reliable device.The speed is quite good and even if you try to open multiple apps at the same time it never crashes or gets hung.Infact,I love her because she never lets me down and most importantly,never embarasses me in public!No one loves a girl who is un-reliable!Isn't it?

3.'Maintenance Cost is quite Low'-The device is not only competently priced but also pretty much cost-effective.She is as middle class as I am!The un- demanding and considerate girl she is,never demands me for frequent visits to her mom's place(read 'service centre').Obviously,she knows that I cannot afford expensive travels,quite often!This budget friendly phone is undoubtedly the ideal choice for every middle class dreamer like me! 

4.'She makes me proud'-I love roaming around with her.Those envious looks which I get makes me even more proud.I feel important,I feel wanted,I feel I'm good when I am with her.I like being the 'centre of attraction' in her company!

5.'She makes me confident,helps me connect with my friends'-She makes sure that I'm connected with my friends all the time.The numerous apps,messaging services which she can support makes it possible for me to chat with my friends all the time.I love you,Zen!


This post is written for Asus in association with indiblogger



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In fact this phone is really cool. I want to possess one. I like their advert. I have written a post for this campaign as it is -

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