February 18, 2015

Thoughts on 'Mili' (Malayalam,2015)

                    Rajesh Pillai's follow up to his highly successful 'Traffic','Mili' has the bubbly Amala Paul playing the title role.Modelled on flicks like 'English Vinglish','How Old Are You' and 'Gippi',Mili is a heroine centric film which narrates the story of a twenty something girl called Mili Nair who is an introvert with a lot of insecurities.

                   Though the thought behind the movie is genuine,the script leaves a lot to be desired.The pacing too is unven with the first half going on and on with nothing much happening in the narrative.Having said that,I should also admit that the movie does have it's moments.For instance,the idea of using a Bear waste bin as Mili's motivating factor was nothing short of brilliant.But these genuine moments of brilliance are far and few in between and nothing interesting actually happens for a major portion of the movie.It's in the second half that the movie picks up a bit but by the time,the damage has already been done!The basic problem with the movie lies in it's half-baked script.May be a little bit of thought here might have done wonders to the film!

                    The movie has got some really good songs but the placing was erratic and as a result,a few of them end up being spead-breakers in the narrative.Anyways,Mili is not a bad movie by any stretch of imagination.It has got a career best performance from it's leading lady,a couple of really good tunes and a path-breaking director at the helm of affairs but somehow it falls short of becoming an 'English Vinglish' or even a 'How Old Are You?'.In it's present form,it's only a 'Gippi',at best!



ramu said...

havent seen the movie