March 25, 2015

Book Review:Ramayana-The Game of Life,'Shattered Dreams' by Shubha Vilas

Title:Ramayana:The Game of Life,Shattered Dreams
Author:Shubha Vilas
Source:blogadda book review program

             'Shattered Dreams' is the second book in the spiritual and motivational series by Shubha Vilas.Blogadda has sent me so many good books in the last couple of years.But most of them were either novels or short stories.I applied for this review as it was the first time(atleast for me)that a motivational-spiritual book was listed in blogadda's book review program.I found the idea of reading a self-help version of the epic some what interesting!
              All of us have read Ramayana.Many versions of the epic have come out in the last few decades.Most of them have been succesful.So, what's so special about this latest work by Shubha? Does it tell anything new or does it re-tell the same things in a different way?Well,if you ask me,I'll admit that both the above statements are true to some extend.The book does throw light into some less highlighted stories in Ramayana and it also interprets certain mythological facts in a different way.For instance did you know why exactly was the period of exile for Rama was 14 years?The book has got a number of back stories and through them,Shubha explains the different facets of human life.
              I think this is one book which is suitable for all ages.It's just that the take away from this brilliant book will be different depending upon the age group(maturity level) to which the reader belongs.Well,that just shows how complex this work is! This is one book which is relished better by reading it multiple times.It's not only a simplified re-telling of Ramayana,but also a neatly executed, mythology inspired self-help book.
              Through the story of Rama,(though this book is more about Bharata and Kausaleya)the author has tried to throw light into some of the basic rules of life,that too in simple,basic English.Kudos to the author for making the proceedings very simple and easy to grasp even for the little child who is reading this work.Jaico has done a good job in designing and marketing(the online sale of this book is yet to kick start,I believe) this book well.The book jacket is also quite decently done and undoubtedly suits the mood and tone of the book.
              Now don't be mistaken! This work is not entirely devoid of flaws either.There are a couple of things which I feel could have been better done.For instance,the unnecessary detailing some what hampered the flow of the narrative at places.Similarly,the author's confusion regarding the tone/genre of the book was also glaring at times.Quite often,the book also turns too preachy!A little bit of editing towards the middle portions of the book might have worked in it's favour.However these can be easily overlooked,considering the merit the book has got.
             On the whole,Shubha Vilas' has done justice to the epic.'The Game of Life:Shattered Dreams' is a good read.Part inspirational and part spiritual,this is one book which deserves to be read.I'm giving this work a good 3 out of 5.

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