March 31, 2015

The five Cardinal Signs of a Good 'Bangalorean' Pediatrician!

                     Being a Doctor is hard work. First of all, in this profession, learning is a life-long process. You have to constantly update yourselves,else the numerous bacteria and viruses will make sure that you are a 'thing' of the past! But Knowledge is definitely not the the only criteria which determines whether you are a 'good' doctor or not. It's a job which calls for a high degree of inter-personal intelligence,skill and patience(ISP).It becomes all the more important if you are a Pediatrician(here you have to deal with not only the patients but also with their over-anxious parents) or a Cardiologist(here almost every 'case' is a matter of 'life' or 'death'!).Now you'll be thinking why I am giving all this gyan all of a sudden. Well,the other day, I got a call from my second cousin,Aparna.
Nikhi, Appu is not doing well,I think he has got some infectious fever. Can you suggest a good pediatrician in Bangalore?”
Sensing the anxiety in her voice,I gave her Varun's mobile number without wasting much time(Varun was my classmate in U.G.,currently practicing as a consultant pediatrician in a reputed Bangalore hospital.Pediatrics in Bangalore hospitals is indeed very good).
I believe Varun's treatment had worked, for Aparna called me yesterday again and thanked me for introducing her to him. Though I was happy for Aparna and her three year old angel(Appu alias Annapurna),her call had me thinking-
What is it that differentiates a 'good' pediatrician from a 'bad' pediatrician?After all,every (paeds) post graduate has the same curriculum,uses the most advanced tools for investigations and almost the same drugs for treatment,still some become more successful than others. So,what's the secret behind this 'selective' success? In other words,what are the cardinal signs of a good pediatrician?Well,if you ask me,I'll state the following as the signs of a good children's doctor-
1.He should be knowledgeable and willing to share information-A sick child's parent will obviously be very anxious. A good pediatrician is someone who is not only patient enough to listen to numerous doubts and fears(of the sick child's guardian) but also alleviates them to a large extend.
2.Should be properly qualified- Beware of the 'doc' with that fake degree/diploma from an unknown/un recognized university. Make sure that your child's specialist in Bangalore is qualified enough before you take the appointment.{(a registered M.B.B.S with an M.D(Pediatrics) or a D.C.H.(Diploma In Child Health)) from a recognized university is mandatory}
3.Shouldn't indiscriminately prescribe drugs-A good doctor will never prescribe drugs which are not required for his patient. Indiscriminate prescription not only adds to the financial burden but also makes the sick child. There are a large number of diseases affecting pediatric age group which are actually self-limiting(not requiring any medication).For instance, antibiotics are not required to cure a viral fever or a viral diarrhoea. A good pediatrician is someone who can actually cure your child's illness with the bare minimum drugs!
4.Reputation-Now that's quite obvious,isn't it?Ask at least a couple of friends before you fix the appointment!
5.Accessible-A good pediatrician should be someone who is accessible and easy to reach. Noone likes to go to a doctor who is not regular at work and whose office/clinic is somewhere far off!What say you?


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