April 1, 2015

Product Review: Exide Money Book

             To be very frank,when I first received this product(Exide Money Book) for review from blogadda,I had absolutely no idea about it’s utility.

            So, what is this cute red book all about?Is it a corporate thriller of some sort or is it something like a propaganda material for exide?Well,let’s figure it out here.
           First things first.’Money Book’ is neither a novel nor a propaganda material, but as it’s name suggests,it has got something to do with ‘money’. Actually ,it’s more or less like a ‘diary’ or a ‘ record book’ which is specially designed to maintain a consolidated,comprehensive record of all your financial engagements.The book has slots for entering the particulars of all the major financial documents like insurance policies(life/motor/property),bank details(account/locker details),info pertaining to the credit card and also that related to loans/liabilities. Before going further into it,let’s have a look at the design and lay out of this cute little book.

       This is how this book looks like.The cover design is not only bright and pleasing to our eyes but also gives a general idea of it’s ‘contents’ and also reminds the user on the importance of ‘keeping the record safely’.It comes with a hardcover which ensures the durability and long shelf life of the book.
      On the whole,I feel that this book is a highly useful one.Well,if you ask me to pin point the five uses of it, I’ll point out the following-

1.Simple and easy to use- The book helps you to maintain a log of all your ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’.You can not only get an idea of all your major investments but also an overview of the money which you owe others!(read ‘loans’)
2.Serves as a reference document-The book can be easily accessed by any of your kin and without going through hundreds of documents,they too can get an idea of the ‘savings’ and ‘investments’ which you have done on their behalf.
3.As a log of all the payments made-Very often,we forget the ‘dates’ (for  renewal of the policies) and even the ‘premium’ amounts.With the Exide Money book,all those are never forgotten!  
4.Saves Time-As I had mentioned earlier,’My Money Book’ is the one-stop shop for all the valuable financial information.It being a comprehensive,up-to-date and complete summary of all the financial information,you really don’t have to waste your time searching for the original documents, every time you want to make a really important financial decision in life!
5.No worry of ‘Viruses’ and ‘PC crashes’-Now,this is one of the greatest advantages of this book.The against the average ‘excel sheet’ or the ‘word document’ which you make in your computer is always at the mercy of the Anti-Virus/Anti-phishing software installed in your Computer.If you have an up-to-date ‘Money Book’ with you,you actually don’t have to worry about data loss due to a Virus attack!C’mmon,that too is an added advantage,right?

     Okay,having mentioned all the awesome things about this book,I’ll end this post by writing my wish list for the future editions of the book.

1.It will be nice if there is an e-edition/app of the same so that the user can make use of the book even if he is travelling/not in a position to carry the book with him.
2.Inclusion of a few more pages(blank) in the book for writing additional information(if any) pertaining to the financial engagements is wished.

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sukesh said...

from wehere can i buy this?