March 10, 2015

The Turning Point!

             All of us have to take some 'difficult' decisions(the outcomes of which may be uncertain) in life at some point or the other.Sometimes they turn out to be the most life changing of the decisions we have ever taken in our lives.This post is about one such incident which happened in my life.
             If you are a regular reader of this blog,you'll be already knowing that  nikhimenon is a doctor by day and a wannabe screen-writer by night.The past one year has seen me completing my first script and meeting half a dozen (potential) producers trying to convince them that my script is indeed 'blockbuster' material!(but then,as they say,good things happen only to those noble souls who are really patient!).Every other producer whom I had met seemed to love the wackiness and freshness in the script but when it came to committing to doing my film,the replies were almost identical,ranging from a generous 'I'm okay with the story,but can you make it a bit more family friendly?' to the harsher 'I don't think this script will work in the boxoffice!'.
             Days passed by and the chances of my debut script seeing the light of the day was slowly but surely becoming as bright as Ireland winning the Cricket World Cup.I was all set to dip into my second bout of depression when I received a call from my childhood friend Ramesh,(now an ad film maker based out of Bangalore),one fine morning-
           "Nikhilesh,What's the update on your script?Is it complete? Or have you dropped it?"-  To be very frank,I was genuinely surprised.C'mmon,I have had no contacts with this guy for the last ten years or so and suddenly,one fine morning,he is calling me and asking about the status of my script!I didn't know what to tell him,but since the thought of him deriving sadistic pleasure on knowing about my pathetic status was nothing but heart breaking,I gave him a meek reply-"Yeah,it has come out well,but....".
"Yeah,listen Nikhilesh;Hari(the editor of my previous short film venture and one of the few persons in this world with whom I share my crazy movie plans) has told me about your script.I think the plot is quite fresh and innovative.TRK sir (Ramesh's boss in the ad agency and a prominent name in the ad film circuit)is looking for a nice script for his debut feature film venture and why don't you send a synopsis of your story to him? Please take down his e-mail id-".
            So Ramesh is not a sadistic jerk as I had presumed.He had called for telling something positive indeed.But then he has told me to send my script synopsis to a stranger's e-mail id(agreed,he is a known personality,quite succesful in his field and also has a concrete feature film plan;but what if he 'steals' my script and bring out the movie in his own name?)-My apprehensions had no boundaries.Even before someone actually agreeing to my script,I was thinking about 'script theft'! I couldn't sleep for the next two days.What decision should I take?Should I take a risk by sending the synopsis to the veteran ad film maker or should I not?Frankly,it was the most crucial decision which I had to take in my life.Whatever it was,it definitely had the potential to change my life forever!Finally,on the 15 th of February 2015,I decided to go for the kill.I sent the synopsis to the ad film maker.
              I was not mistaken.The decision to send the script synopsis turned out to be a life changing one for me.Now as I'm typing this post sitting in the luxurious office of 'Innovative AD Film Makers' in Bangalore,I've not only received my first paycheque (for the advance amount)for my debut script but also used the same for buying an apartment in the beautiful City called Kochi.Thank you Ramesh,thank you housing,thank you TRK sir!I owe a lot to you guys!


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Red Handed said...

I cant wait to see the movie when it comes out. I am sure you material was blockbuster worthy!
This is superb!!!

Loco mente said...

Woow!!!! Congrats man! I am excited to watch the movie and tell my friends that I know that script-writer!!!

long way to go!!!!

nikhimenon said...

@redhanded and @locomente..

thanks for yur wishes.The last para is a bit fictional.I'm yet to get any advance!..but talks are progressing.Hope it works out soon!