March 14, 2015

Together:The Proposal!

                        One of the many things which makes us(human beings) distinct from lower animals is our 'higher' need. They say,Man is a social animal;he cannot lead a solitary and secluded life.All of us crave for love and companionship in life.Infact,right from our birth,we are dependant on a number of fellow human beings for our safe sustenance.According to the legendary Greek philosopher Aristotle,"anyone who cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient , and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a God.” Now,I request my readers to not to get scared after reading all those philosophical lines and insightful quotes.This post is not going to be an essay on Sociology.Frankly speaking,this one is going to be an extremely cheesy post(and all that 'heavy duty' lines in the beginning were my feeble,yet genuinely sincere attempts to make good for the cheesiness ahead!I hope my efforts were atleast a partial success!)

                     Being human beings,all of us go through some 'good' days and 'bad' days in our lives.Like any other homosapien,I too have had my share of 'good' and 'bad' ones.This post is going to be an account of a memorable day in my life which dates back to 2009.

                    I was an Undergraduate student then and(okay,nikhimenon is not as old as you think!)had developed a serious 'liking' for this beautiful girl called K.Actually we were good friends by then and also used to hang out together quite often.I was quite sure that I was madly in love with her but whether she also had the same feelings towards me was something which had absolutely no clue about.Infact,I had been looking  for a 'good' opportunity to confess my love to her when Lt.t Col Mohanlal turned up as my saviour in the form of Sagar Jacky!(Well,don't get me wrong! Mohanlal didn't play the role of hamsam in our 'love story';it just happened that one of his much hyped movies 'Sagar Alias Jackey' was getting a huge release at that point of time and K being a die-hard 'Lalettan' fan badly wanted to watch the Movie at the earliest at any cost!).So,on the 31 st of March,2009 6.30 AM IST, I got a call from K-

K-"Nikhilesh,are you free today?"
Me-"Free?Today is a working day,alle?Or is there some Bandh/Strike/Hartal happening?"
K-"Bandh um Kunthavum onnumilla..I was just thinking..."
K-"Alla,innu class il pono?Shall we go for a movie today?"
Me-"Sagar Alias Jacky"K-"Yeah,evening show all tickets will be full.Will go for the morning show,'ll leave by 8 ish"

                  Man,that was something which was totally unexpected!What would have been another dull,boring,depressing day (I had just flunked in my General Surgery end-of-posting exam)in my undergraduate life had suddenly tranformed to be a potentially exciting one!Here was an opportunity to spend some quality time with my beloved K and Godwilling,I could even ask her out!What more could I ask for?

                   Love can make you do some really crazy things in life.Though K had told me to be ready only by 8, sharp 7.15,I was all ready and standing in front of the girl's hostel!Anyways,K took her own sweet time in turning up and by the time we reached Vettukattil Cinemas for the morning show it was already 9.30 A.M.Being a working day morning show,there wasn't much rush and the hall was almost half empty! Ten minutes into the movie,I couldn't help thanking Lalettan and Amal Neerad coz by this time I had already figured out how bad the movie was going to be!The prospects of me sitting in a movie hall watching a really bad movie with my loved one kind of excited me!(obviously it meant I would be spending more time 'appreciating' the beauty of K rather than actually staring at the silver screen!).May be K also felt the same coz by the time it was half-time(interval),she herself volunteered-"Nikhilesh,do you really want to watch the second half?I think this one is really boring.Shall we go somewhere else?".

                   'Cairo Central' is not a great restaurant by any yardstick.The food is kind of average with pricing slightly on the higher side.But for me,the place is quite 'special' because that was the place where I asked her out(after walking out of the movie).Expectedly,she didn't give me an instant reply,but I knew what the reply was going to be(she had given me enough 'signs',I just wanted a confirmation!).

                   For the next 2 years or so,we used to frequently visit 'Cairo Central', it was where everything started.Likewise,31 st March is a very special date in my life.C'mmon,how can I not remember that date?Afterall,it was on that day (6 years back) that we started looking up #together !

*This post is a work of fiction based on true events.
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