June 16, 2015

#BanBodyOdour: SniffSniff and Me!

            Blogadda is definitely one of the best things to have happened to the desi blogosphere.My association with them is almost three years old now! I still remember how elated I were when I received the first book to review from them (The Devotion of Suspect X),way back in 2012! Blogadda and RT have come a long way since then.This post is going to be on the latest activity hosted by those wonderful people at blogadda-the #sniffsniff activity.
           First things first,#sniffsniff is undoubtedly one of the most innovative campaigns that blogadda has organized till date.The concept behind this one itself is quite interesting.

          It was one lazy Sunday afternoon and I was dozing all the way to glory when I received this call from blogadda-
          "Hello,is this Dr nikhimenon?"
           "Hi,this is ***** from blogadda,I'm waiting outside ***** with the courier from blogadda.Can you please come here and collect it at the earliest?"
Satish was waiting there in front of the hospital with my 'courier' from blogadda.He greeted me with a pleasant smile and reminded  just before he kickstarted his two wheeler- "I will be back with the second 'courier' day after tomorrow".In my eagerness to open the 'clue' which I was handed over with,I forgot to even thank Satish for the prompt delivery of the product.Anyways,I made a mental note not to repeat the same mistake,the next time! At this point,all my thoughts were about the packet which I had just received from Satish.

            The blue rectangular packet was slowly,but surely getting on to my nerves! What would be inside the box? Will it be a CD? A book? A Soap (considering the curious name that the activity has got).I was getting impatient and almost tore open the beautiful cover to see a picture card(with a Man's face) and a cloth clip strategically placed on it! Though,my initial reaction on seeing the 'clue' was anything but pleasant,a glance through the text written inside the card made my grey cells work-
                          'body odour woes'!Okay,a soap/deodrant/perfume?

The second 'clue' came a couple of days later.By this point,things were getting clearer.I was almost certain that the final product would be something which could potentially eliminate bad body odour and it could be a soap,talcum powder,a perfume/deodrant.Anyways,I received the second 'clue' also with the same degree of enthusiasm.This time too,it was a blue coloured box and it looked something like this-
After opening the box,I was pleasantly surprised,not because the 'clue' called for a drastic deviation from my line of thought or anything,but frankly speaking,the 'clue' itself (a Coffee Bean Bag)was something,which I was least expecting!
The third clue arrived a couple of days later and by this time,things were becoming much more clearer.The 'clue'(a mask) was also a pretty straight forward one-


    I received the 'final product' yesterday and I was more than happy to realize that my guess had almost turned out to be right.Well,I was expecting a deodrant,but the final product turned out to be a deodorizer!Anyways,pretty close.Isn't it?

         Finally,coming to the product, Nivea Men Body Deodorizer is tauted as India's first Body Deodorizer which has a revolutionary,yet skin friendly deodorizing formula that prevents the formation of odour at it's source.There are two variants which are available in the market-Ice Cool (the one I received) and Energy!(I just started using the deodorizer and I must say that I'm quite happy with it!)Thank you Nivea for this wonderful product and love you blogadda for selecting me for this wonderful activity!

“I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.



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