June 8, 2015

Nose Knows: How I lost my School Crush!

                    Body odour is something which everyone hates,but all of us have had 'odour' issues at some point or the other.Well,this post is going to be about one such incident which happened in my life,almost a decade ago.
                   The year was 2001 and I was a class IX student then.Like most of the boys of that age,I too was going through a 'school crush-turned-puppy love' phase.The girl was Aparna,our 'batch beauty'.We had just started going out together and obviously were the new 'romeo-juliet' of the class!Those were the days when there was no Cafe Coffee Day or Baristas and Achayan's Coffee shop(which was pretty close to our School) was our weekend hangout place!Every Friday,come what may,we made it a point that we were at Achayan's! Needless to say,I used to look forward to our 'weekend dates' and Achayan too seemed to be happy as he had got two regular customers for every other weekend.The School Youth festival week was fast approaching and being the Captain of the 'Red' House, it was my responsibility to co-ordinate as many students as possible for the cultural programmes.Our 'Red House' had become the customary 'losers' in the 'school youth festival' for quite sometime and we were hoping for a turn around this time atleast.So,the 'pressure' of making our 'house' victorious was naturally mounting on me.Though winning the trophy had almost become a 'prestige issue' for my leadership skills,I was not ready to compromise my weekend rendezvous with Aparna at any cost! As soon as I finished the rehearsals,I used to rush to the coffee shop,where she will be waiting for me to turn up.In my eagerness to meet my 'lady love',what I conveniently used to neglect was my physical appearance! After a full day of dancing and rehearsing braving the scorching mid summer heat,by the time I was with her,I would be puffing and panting and sweating like hell!
                      Blame it on the testosterone driven teenage/'merciful anosmia',I never recognized how smelly I were until I reached Achayan's that friday.It was the last week of the youth festival and our 'Red House' was slowly but surely turning out to be the favourites for winning that year's 'Youth Festival Golden Trophy'.I was obviously quite elated and had almost started crowning myself as the 'messiah' of the ill-fated 'Red House'.I was expecting Aparna to be waiting for me at Achayan's with the customary 'congratulatory kiss'!But,what greeted me instead was an empty chair with a small box and a note pinned to it(believe me,I still have it with me!),it read-

"Dear Nikhilesh,I do loved you and have tried to put up with it for long just coz of my affection towards you.I don't think I have it in me anymore to withstand this naattam(stench).I'm sorry to say this,You do smell bad nikhi..I have a small gift for you in this box and hope you will find it useful!"

The Orange coloured Cutticura Talcum Powder tin smiled at me as though it was enjoying my misery.I never talked with Aparna neither did she come anywhere close to me after that incident.As they say,nose knows!

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda