July 10, 2015

Honey Diet-A Sweeter Alternative!


        Putting on excess weight is every girl's  human being's nightmare.Some respond to this fear by going for a crashed diet while some others choose the vigorous work out regime to burn out that 'excess' calories.Well,if you ask me,the best way to 'prevent' weight gain is choosing a balanced diet.Under-nutrition is equally bad as over-nutrition.As they say,Summer is the season for smoothies and ice creams.It's also the time to put on weight!I have seen many people panicking about the extra 'flab' that their favourite smoothie or burger is going to 'gift' them!I have also seen many of my friends relying on crash diets to stay 'fit'.A balanced healthy diet has many benefits when compared to 'crash' diets.This post is going to me by take on the advantages of balanced diet over unhealthy crash diets.

1.Good for health-A balanced diet is absolutely necessary for a healthy life.There are many micro and macro nutrients which are necessary for our survival.Consumption of a balanced diet makes sure that our body gets the desired fats,proteins,carbohydrates,vitamins and minerals in the correct quantities.It also ensures that we don't get any deficiency diseases like Night blindness,Rickets etc.

2.Inexpensive -Believe it or not, having a balanced diet is much cheaper when compared to all that calorie rich junk food which we often take from the nearest 'burger' outlet.

3.Protects from chronic illnesses-A balanced diet also enables to build/strengthen our Immune system thereby protecting ourselves from chronic diseases in the future.There have even been studies which attribute the incidence of malignancy to the consumption of junk food and crash diets!

Quite often,I hear people asking me "Do you think there is an alternative for crash diets? How can I have a healthy life even without adopting a strenuous work out regime?"

Well, the answer is 'Honey'.A Honey diet is not only a sweeter alternative but also has a number of health properties.

  • A rich source of energy-Honey is obviously a rich source of energy and provides the body with the required nutrients.
  • Helps in digestion-Honey helps in digestion and ensures a quality life!
  • Immunity-Honey is said to enhance the immune system thereby protecting the body from minor infections.
  • Weight management-Take a spoonful of money every morning and forget about your 'weight' issues!
  • Healthy Skin-Honey is supposed to have antioxidant,moisturizing properties and hence it will enable us to have a glowing and radiant skin
  • Other Benefits- Honey,being something which is devoid of artificial flavours and other substances,is quite a healthy substitute to artificial sweeteners and flavouring agents.
Coming to the nutritional compromises of a crash diet,well,I think I can even write a four page essay on that! First of all,it's absolutely unhealthy to resort to a crash diet.You are punishing yourselves by depriving yourself of the essential nutrients by adopting a shoddy diet.It can have long term adverse effects on the different organ systems of your body,right from your respiratory  to your reproductive system.Secondly,it's not that 'cool' to follow an unhealthy way of life just to get rid off a couple of extra pounds.Well,the choice is yours!



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honey is good