July 9, 2015

Surf it Fast!

                   India is a country which is unique in it's diversity.It inhabits people of multiple religions,languages and ethnicities.Well,then what is it that makes an Indian from the North East part of the Country identify with his fellow country man from the Southern tip of the nation,say Kerala or Kanyakumari?Obviously,there are many factors which make us feel that 'we are one'.If you ask me,Cricket has got an important role to play in inculcating that sense of unity among Indians.

                   I have often heard people cribbing about the insanity of millions sitting in front of Television(spending hours at a stretch),neglecting all their daily chores (and even their 'official duties') just to follow this 'silly game' of about a dozen people running after a small ball!Okay,what's it that makes Cricket such a popular game in the World's second most populated Country?Is it just the excitement of it or is it something else also which makes this game this much appealing?Afterall,this one is not even our 'National Game',right?Whatever said and done,noone can overlook the huge popularity of this game and I firmly believe there is no other game in the world which makes more than 120 crore people feel that they are indeed one!

                   Like most of my fellow country men,I too am a huge fan of this beautiful game.Though I'm not a great cricketer myself,I make sure that I don't miss even a single ball played when there is an International match featuring India.(Well,you may argue that Team India is only a 'club' team owned by one of the richest sporting bodies i.e. the BCCI,but then all that are mere 'technicalities,isn't it?).But then as you know,there will be inevitable circumstances when we have to prioritize things.Keeping myself updated with the cricket scores and all the excitement happening in the ground without missing out on all the little things that make life worth while is something which I strive hard to achieve quite often.This post is going to be my take on the different ways in which I try to stay connected with the game without missing out on other things.

1.Online Portals-There are many websites which give a minute-by-minute/ball-by-ball update on the match/scores.Though this is a quite decent way to stay connected with the game,the browser issues and 'html errors' kill all the fun.

2.Applications-Well,mobile apps for cricket scores is something which I rely on quite often.Here again,it's the android phone which 'hangs' often plays the spoilsport.

3.Radio Commentary- This is quite good.But the only issue is 'it's not cool anymore' to listen to the AkaashVani Cricket comentary anymore!

4.UC Browser- This is something which I have discovered recently.UC Browser is a surfing aid which features UC Cricket,a space connecting every avid cricket fan to the game,irrespective of their location.You can stream the match live without any interruptions/browser issues.

So,what are you waiting for?If you are a cricket fan like me,share your thoughts at the earliest!