October 21, 2015

Discovering Real Togetherness

                These days,everyone is busy with their smart phones and other gadgets.They are so engrossed in their virtual life that they rarely bother to spend time with their loved ones.Even if their  physically presence doesn't always ensure 'real togetherness'.It's the need of the hour that we break ourselves free from the clutches of our smart phones and spend some quality time with our friends and relatives of the 'real' world.Afterall,when in need,it's they who are going to stand for us.

                First things first.I have nothing against smart phones,social media platforms like FB/twitter or messaging apps like watsapp/hike.But that doesn't mean that I spend ninety percent of my time browsing the social networking sites or watsapping.Inshort I'm neither a smart phone nor a social media 'addict'.I believe it's high time that we got down to the roots and connect in person,by feeling the 'real' emotions of life.Being a doctor myself,I get to meet and interact with a lot of people on a daily basis.One day,one gentleman came to my OPD with some vague complaints and even after examining him for quite long,I couldn't exactly figure out what exactly his problem was.Anyways,I probed him more and finally he opened up."Doc,I'm 55 years old and my wife and myself have toiled all this years to bring up our son in the best way possible.He has been a good son and all but these days,my son is too busy with his cell phone all the time.He rarely speaks or interacts with us.I'm worried about my child.I think he is getting addicted to it.Can I do something about it?" .Though initially,I was a bit baffled with this querry of his,soon I realized that he had a genuine problem to deal with.Right from a teenager to someone in his late 30's,everyone is so detached from the 'real' world and too much involved in their 'virtual' lives.When did we lose our sense of real togetherness?

               If you ask me,like any other issue,this one too has some solutions.I think,nature has got a 'vital' role to play in bringing back those good old days ,when we were 'real' human beings.For me 'real togetherness' is all about the 'quality time' spent with my near and dear ones.Actually,there are a lot of ways by which we can re-discover the joy of real togetherness.

1.Community Reading- Reading in groups not only results in togetherness but also enhance the reading experience.

2.Community Gardening- This is another way of improving inter-personal relationships.In our place,we make it a point that we induldge in community gardening atleast once a week.

3.'Cleanliness Drives'-Now that the Swatch Bharat Mission is gaining momentum,it's not a bad idea to group up and do the cleaning activities together.The benefits are two fold,the city will become cleaner and the minds will also become happier!

4.'Çhat Sessions'- It's not a bad idea to meet up and chat over a cup of coffee.The higher the frequency of meetings,the better it is!



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