November 4, 2015


                                            Being a doctor ,I get to meet a lot of people daily.The other day, one of my distant relative's close friend came to me with a rather weird question."Nikki bhaiyaa,how did you decide to study Medicine in 'TTTTT' Medical College?What made you choose 'TTTTT' over 'MMMMM' College?Can you give me some guidance regarding what course I should take up after my plus 2?" Though his querry seemed stupid to me initially (well,in this world of cut-throat competition and entrance exams,you really don't have a choice isn't it?The higher the marks,the better the college you are in! It's as simple as that!),it made me think about some other aspect of it.These times,you have dedicated search engines and review websites for almost everything.The  moment you eat a good burger,you can type in your honest review @ zomato,the moment you read a nice book,you can share your thoughts about it @  goodreads.But for something as important as an admission to a professional/semi professional course,you don't have any trust worthy search engines or review sites.Very often,we go by hearsay or by the annual 'rankings' of the weekly news magazines,but then quite commonly,we end up with egg on our face as most of these 'rankings' are 'paid' and seldom reflect the ground scenario.I even have a distant relative who ended up in the 'wrong' college because of the trust he had in a news magazine's annual rating of professional colleges.
                                              Rakesh had come to my clinic the other day(he is my best buddy since my pre-school days) and I shared this 'thought' of mine with him.He seemed to have the same opinion as mine and was nodding his head vigorously as if he had just had an epileptic fit.It was then I realized that this qualified as a worthy enough topic for my next blog post.Just to confirm that I were the first one to have such a 'brainwave',I googled in to see the results- was one of the first results that google threw at me.I searched more about the website and found out that it was an extensive listing portal , with information of more than 10000 colleges in India  and also served as a platform for students to come up and choose their institution , after being antiquated to all the aspects of it . The site  also gave information about various entrance exams , events , college festivals etc .Two hours later,I had almost finished every page/link listed in the website and was pretty impressed with the effort the guys behind it had put in.
                                            I was reminded of my relative's friend and his interest in studying Medicine and typed in AFMC, Pune,Why study medicine ?  ,After studying medicine .Inshort,in 120 minutes,I not only discovered a wonderfully designed and informative website,but also found out that internet has made life very easy for today's youngsters!



harisree said...

good post.never heard abt this site before

Shine said...

Good one..thnks for the info nikki.....

misty said...

Nice story, really superb :)