December 4, 2015

HAM: Half-a-dozen Movie Reviews!

            In this new weekly series,we will be reviewing half-a-dozen movies in a single post.The reviews will (obviously) be ultra short,but will be crisp and unbiased.We sincerely hope that this new series will help you people save a lot of time and money!

1.Amar Akbar Anthony(Malayalam,2015)- directed by mimicry artist-turned-film maker Nadirshah, this Prithviraj-Jayasurya-Indrajith starrer is a laugh riot! Grab your tickets at the earliest and enjoy! Rating-3/5

2.Life of Josutty(Malayalam,2015)-Jeethu Joseph's follow up film to 'Drishyam',this Dileep starrer is an okay film,at best.It narrates a simple tale,but is saved to a large extent by it's lead actor's earnest performance.Rating-2.5/5

3.Ennu Ninte Moideen(Malayalam,2015)-R.S Vimal's 'Ennu Ninte Moideen' is a tragic love saga which is inspired by a real life story.One of the best love stories in recent times.Kudos Prithvi,Parvathy,Tovono and Vimal!Rating-3.5/5

4.Maya(Tamil,2015)-This Nayanthara starrer is a decently made horror flick.The movie reminded me of the Thai movie 'Coming Soon',but it's Nayanthara's un-matchable performance which makes this flick a cut above the rest.Rating-3/5

5.Anarkali(Malayalam,2015)-Again a love story with a story line quite similar to 'ENM's .Biju Menon and Prithvi's sincere performances,the exotic locales,Vidyaji's soulful melodies and the director's intelligent treatment gives this movie an identity of it's own.Definitely watchable flick!Rating-3/5 

6.Jamnapyari(Malayalam,2015)-Old wine in a new bottle!Rating-2/5