December 15, 2010

NBS Film Awards 2010-Part 1

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This year’s NBS film awards…(The second part of this post will be published next week)

 1.    The best Feature film- 'Once Upon a Time in Chennai'.The Award- the shades used by Rajnikanth in the movie,Enthiran.

 The plot- Sajan (D.Rajan) is a school drop out who dreams of making big money.His father is Satyendra,an honest lower division clerk in the irrigation department. Satyendra gets falsely implicated in a PVC pipe scandal which results in his dismissal  from the service.Struck by poverty and hunger,Satyendra takes his son to Galeinjer,the local politician(who is a godfather like figure to the people and a man of principles) and pleads for help.Galeinjar appoints Sajan as his private secretary.Sajan slowly becomes Galeinjar’s trusted aide.Meanwhile Galeinjar gets married and goes to Guatemala for honey moon. The Clever Sajan takes advantage of Galeinjar’s absence and bribes his party members to vote for Thalaivi’s party in the upcoming by-election(thalaivi had promised sajan, 3 jeeps full of money in return!).On his return from Guatemala,Galeinjar comes to know about this and slaps Sajan for his misdeeds.This infuriates Sajan and as a revenge,he files his nomination against Galeinjar in the next parliament election ,defeats him and also becomes the next telecom minister with the help of the Godmother.The movie ends with the wide shot of Sajan and his 3 jeeps(full of money).

2.    Best Actor- D.Rajan for pulling off the character of Sajan with panache (Movie-Once upon a time in Chennai).

      The Award- The hat used by Quick Gun Murugan

 The winner also gets a Dvd of nikhimenon’s latest blockbuster movie,’Maut ki Dukaan’.

3.  Best Actress in a leading role- Hira Badia (Once upon a time in Chennai,Godmother)for breathing life into the character of ‘God Mother’ in ‘OTIC and it’s sequel ‘Godmother’. The Award- The dupatta used by Neha in the movie ‘kareeb’

 The Plot of Godmother-As stated earlier,’Godmother’ is the sequel to ‘once upon a time in Chennai’.Badia plays Ragini,who is a telephone operator in ‘Data Corporation’, country’s largest mobile company.The C.E.O of the company,Mr Batan(played by Vatan Data) falls in love with Hira.Meanwhile Rajesh joseph,a clerk in ‘Data Corporation’ gets pissed with Hira’s progress in the company.So he makes an MMS of Vatan making love with Hira and leaks it to the media.The movie ends with the close up shot of a depressed Vatan.

4 Best Actress in a supporting Role- Sona Gupta( ‘This is it’) is a surprise entry to this year’s list.She bags this coveted award for her role in the film ‘This is It’.It was the story of an aspiring actress,Yinta whose life takes a U- turn following a wardrobe malfunction.

The Award-The ‘snake’ dress used by Mallika Sherawat in ‘Hiss’

 The winner also gets a pink chaddi sponsored by V.I.P.

5 Best Still Photographer- The man who took this Snap (Movie-‘This is It’).The Award- The wig used by Akki Bhai in ‘Action Replay’.

6 The Promising talent of the year- Rangan Mohan yeddie (Movie-Kursy ki Aawaaz) . The Award- The chair used by K.B.Kiddyurappa in the movie 'Yeddie and the Undie'  
              Immense screenpresence,terrific looks,impressive histrionic skills; Rangan has everything that's needed for a true super hero.After parting ways with the Kaangress studios,Ranjan is all set to launch his new banner, 'Rangan Films'.
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