February 8, 2012

The Most Disappointing Malayalam Movies of 2011-Part 1

Here's a look at the Malayalam Films which promised a lot and delivered little when they reached cinemas last year.

10. China Town
Rafi Mekkartin’s Mohanlal-Dileep-Jayaram starrer was one of the most anticipated movies of 2011.But the movie turned out to be  nothing but an insult to audience' intelligence .It’s hard to believe that an actor of Mohanlal’s caliber agreed to do a retarded movie like this.Though the first half of the movie had a few entertaining sequences the latter half was plain horrible.On the whole this Antony Perumbavoor produced malayalam flick was a huge disappoinment.
RT rating-2/5
9.Shankaranum Mohanum
The movie was tauted as the first commercial venture by the art house director T.V.Chandran(Ponthan Mada,Ormakal Undayirikkanam,Soosanna,Mankamma).But only when it reached the cinemas did we realise how bad a movie it was.Jayasurya's 'kannuruttal-pottankali' acting made only the matters worse.A Dud.
RT rating-1.75/5
An utter waste of time,money and resources.This Sohan Seenulal directed misadventure had Padmasree Dr Bharat Mammootty ,Tapsee Pannu and the yesteryear actress Nadia Moydu in the lead roles but had nothing in it to do justice to those talented artists.
RT rating-1.5/5
7.The Train
A wannabe 'Mumbai Meri Jaan'.Even Padmasree Mammootty’s extended cameo couldn’t save this disaster directed by the award winning director Jayaraj.
RT rating-1.25/5
6. Race
Anoop Menon and co 's Cocktail(Tim Burton's Pierce Brosnan starrer' Butterfly On a Wheel') which released last year revived the 'rent a DVD,make a movie' genre in Malayalam Cinema.So when Kukku Surendran and his friends got impressed with the 2004 film 'Trapped',they didn't hesitate to make it’s malayalam version.The result-a disaster named 'Race'.
RT rating-1.10/5
5.Teja Bhai and Family
Prithviraj cuts a sorry figure trying to pull off a screw ball comedy.Writer-director Deepu Karunakaran fails miserably in his attempt to be a 'Priyadarshan'.With a silly plot,outdated gags and an irritating Suraj Venjaramoodu cracking crude and often vulgar jokes,TBF was a truly horrible film.
RT rating-1/5
Ps-The movies featured in this list might not essentially be flops but turned low on the immense expectations that they came with.  
                                                                        -(to be continued)-